Members of The Cypress join our distinguished retirement community through independent living. However, as a Raleigh Life Plan Community, The Cypress affords its Members many care options, which enable them to enjoy the same comfortable lifestyle over time, as their needs change, without having to move to an entirely new environment. These care options include assistance in living and home care, as well as skilled nursing, memory care, and short-term rehabilitation services that are available through the Rosewood Health Center.

With all of these care options, our independent living community is equipped to make any transition as easy as possible. You can learn more about the levels of senior care we provide through our senior healthcare navigator below.

  • Coordination of care from in home to acute care settings
  • Problem solving and resolution facilitation
  • Collaboration with all entities to promote CORE Wellness
  • Education and best practices for aging in place and healthcare needs
Helping You Chart a Course


Some of our Members require a higher level of care than that which is provided through assistance in living. These individuals have the opportunity to take advantage of our home care option in which a Registered Nurse manages their personal home care needs while trained members of our healthcare staff provide additional support and assistance with daily activities for as little as a few hours a week to as much as around the clock care. With the home care option, our Members who otherwise might need to reside in the Rosewood Health Center are able to stay in their own homes. Learn more about our home care service.


Members who need assistance in completing everyday tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating, or taking medications have the option to receive this level of senior care. Assistance in living gives Members the support they need to continue to enjoy independence and maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. Find out more about assistance in living.


Rosewood Health Center – The Cypress of Raleigh’s Rosewood Heath Center offers senior care for Members needing continuous support from Registered Nurses and CNAs, as well as a separate level for memory care. Short-term rehabilitation services also are available for Members needing temporary assistance, such as during recovery after a surgery or illness. Read more about the Rosewood Health Center.