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As a Life Plan Community, The Cypress affords its Members flexible care options, enabling them to enjoy an inspiring lifestyle even as needs change over time.

Healthcare at The Cypress serves Members in the entire continuum of care, starting with wellness classes and a wide range of activity in independent living.

Though Members of The Cypress join our community through independent living, we offer care options including Assistance in Living and Home Care, as well as skilled nursing, memory care, and short-term rehabilitation services through the Rosewood Health Center.

Members may take advantage of all these healthcare benefits with the help of our Health Services Navigation department.

What Is A Life Plan Community?

In a Life Plan Community, residents live independently, enjoying the lifestyle they create for themselves. The unique benefit is that Members have access to a continuum of care if and as needed.

Included in a convenient monthly service fee are a variety of personal services such as dining, housekeeping, transportation, home and grounds maintenance, and security as well as access to an ever-changing calendar of social, wellness, and educational programs.

A Continuum of Care

Care Unmatched

Through the continuum of care at The Cypress, Members maintain a healthy lifestyle and can navigate any medical challenges that lie ahead. From wellness to short-term therapy to skilled nursing, transition between levels of care is virtually seamless and often occurs in the comfort of your home.

While living independently, Members are able to create a personalized care plan, maintaining their well-being at home and close to their loved one.

Plan Your Future

In Good Health.

Whatever life brings you, Cypress healthcare is here to help.

Living at The Cypress provides you the peace of mind of unparalleled access to quality, on site healthcare. Our Health Services Navigator will help you create a personalized plan for your future. The Navigator provides expert information, guidance, and hands-on support to guide Members through the continuum of care.

Life Plan Community FAQs

The time to move to a Life Plan Community is a personal decision, but you’ll find it most gratifying to move without the pressure of an urgent or impending need.

Start by asking yourself two important questions: What is my plan for taking care of myself as I get older and if my needs for personal care change? And, is there any reason to wait?

Most importantly, have a plan.

Start early and educate yourself on your options.

Entrance fee and rental communities have lower barriers to entry but typically have significantly higher monthly service fees. Our Members prefer The Cypress’ ownership model with its protections of their home equity, a debt free campus, and consistently lower monthly service fees.

It’s important to consider your personal priorities and to engage family and professional guidance in your decision making.

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